This place is the best! I am always pleased with the honest, reliable service Mike Roy provides. They go above and beyond to do the right thing for their customers. About a year ago, they diagnosed a bad computer in my car. Steve called Toyota on my behalf, found out their was a recall, and arranged for my car to be serviced at Toyota at no charge. They could have charged me to do it themselves and I would have been none the wiser, but they didn’t. They are good, honest, hard working people that you can really trust. Try them out, you will never go anywhere else again!!!!

This was a good shop. Thier diagnosis of the problem was right and they fixed my car the first time and I got it back the same day and for the same price I was quoted in the beginning. I would recommend their work to anyone that is looking for an honest, trustworthy shop.

I have never been so blown away by an auto repair shop in my entire life! Not only was there service great and affordable but they have tech’s that speak French!